Thursday, September 17, 2009



I have put Mr. Cullen Corley on the back of a milk carton because he seems to be missing. hahaha Just kidding but that busy dude is hard to get a hold of! I'm sure he'll turn up but until he does, Dave and I are wondering how to proceed...

We have a few lose ends to tie up on the existing songs already in full bloom such as vocals, additional guitar parts and some piano arrangements here and there. But to continue with the remaining songs, it will be helpful to have a drum track in place. Cullen is pretty well seasoned with Stand and Hello, Amy but hasn't really gotten a firm grasp on the remaining songs. There's no doubt that Cullen will turn up but until he does we're wondering if we should work with another drummer on Passing Into August, Circles or
Do What You Can,
go with MIDI drums or figure out a different form of percussion just to get things moving. Cullen has done an incredible job with the songs he recorded with me and I understand he's got a lot going on with his own music endeavor so no hard feelings if he can't help to finish this puppy up! In fact, it might be interesting to mix things up a bit to create a broader dynamic of style and sound on this record. But I'd rather keep this dude through to the end!

So Cullen! If you're out there, let me know your thoughts and if you can help with the rest of the songs this fall/winter. I've appreciated all your hard work and you've done an amazing job on the album. I just gotta know where we're at. Woo!


hahah As expected I heard from Cullen today and this is an excerpt of what he had to say:

"....nothing else huge planned for the next few months I don't think, so we can hopefully get a weekly practice going or something until this is all wrapped up. super sorry I've been so liquid re: planning, but I hope we can nail something down soon so we can get this all done!"

I love that term "liquid" by the way, dude. I'm going to start using it. Very nice man! Glad to hear from you and we'll set up scheduling soon!

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