Friday, September 25, 2009

The Weston Monster, Sighting 1!

Holy sh*t.

After my previous "quiet-talking" post and my suspicion of some sort of monster nearby, I took it upon myself to review some of my old photos that I took in and around Dave's studio to see if I could find any suspicious happenings. Sure enough, a photo that was taken of me for my May song promo back in the spring reveals a shady monster character coming right at me! I had no idea and luckily something must have scared it away before it was able to attack. It must have gotten spooked by the camera flash or something...

Somehow I didn't notice this in the original photo back in May but here it is clear as day! Check out my first sighting of The Weston Monster! I will be sure to look through some more photos and perhaps do some more scouting around the premises during future sessions.

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