Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Storming of Nash Lane

Last night, Dave and I got a hold of Cullen to see if he'd be able to come over and play his bongos for us on Electric Candle. He wasn't able to make it but did say we could go get anything we needed over at his parents house and have a go at it ourselves. So after we gulped down the last of our tea, Dave and I hit the road to go get some bongos and congas so we could put some percussion parts down! We arrived to some friendly faces and good smelling food but we continued on our mission. Up three floors we traveled to find some instruments suitable for the sound of Electric Candle. We banged on a few different drums, testing the tone and pitch of each, wishing we had brought an acoustic guitar to see which sounded better. After a few tries here and there, we settled on a bongo set and a large conga drum.

Mission accomplished!

Back at the studio, we did some tests against our recording of the song and tried both drums during actual sessions. It turns out that the smaller bongo set sounded much better for the higher tone hits but I believe we're going to be using the conga drum to fill in the bass more. Below are photos and video of me and Dave drummin' away during the recording sessions. I did the verses while Dave did the chorus.

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