Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You Can Only Take What You Can Carry

Snow Patrol opened for U2 and their first song really stuck with me. Entitled, If There's a Rocket Tie Me to It, it seemed to speak directly to me with a sense of longing, choice and life changing experiences. Granted, I do not know the exact meaning of the song but upon reading the lyrics I have come up with my own little interpretation.

"You can only take what you can carry."

This almost screams to me in a way of helping to make my own decisions in regards to what to keep and let go in my own life. Almost like whatever I do decide to keep, it's not going to be a whole lot in quantity. But I suspect the value of this handful of things will be quite great; the quality, immeasurable.

It's no secret to some how afraid I am in my life. Being both scared of losing people and getting too close to them at the same time makes for quite an interesting case. Where do you find that medium? Somewhere in between there must exist a space that offers a little bit of both as a way to balance yourself out; to center your life between those who love you and those who don't. Maybe that's what it's all about. Maybe those are the people you take with you; the ones that will fight along side your insecurities, your fears and love you all the same. Those that don't believe in the changes you go through and accept that you are simply going in your direction will simply stay behind and watch you go. Even those that believe in you don't have to follow physically; they'll remain inside of you. So in that sense, perhaps you can take with you much more than you think.

After all, there's always room for love.

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