Friday, September 4, 2009

September 1st, Recording Thirst!

I definitely drank up a huge cup of realization that I need to get some good vocal practice in! Reuniting with Dave on Tuesday was both a good and bad experience. While not a whole lot was accomplished as far as final recording, I did come to learn a lot myself and my vocal capabilities. During my struggle through Horizons, it dawned on me that I wrote a bunch of very challenging songs to sing. These days, I'm staying within my comfortable vocal range when I write songs but for some reason I pushed my limits back in my early/mid twenties with Horizons, Circles, City Lights and In The End, all of which are going to be a big challenge. I definitely need to step up some of my exercises if I want them to sound how I'm hoping. Dave had some great suggestions on perhaps changing melodies to avoid certain falsettos or to sing in more of a whispered, sentimental tone in the verses of Horizons. Aside from being easier on my voice, this actually is a good idea conceptually for the song and will definitely make the chorus stand out in a soaring kind of way. If I can pull it off...

Here are a couple photos from the session.

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