Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Beginning of In The End

One of the things that has been of interest to me for a while now is to strategically place a symphony like arrangement before In The End so the difference in style and intensity of the song versus the others isn't so drastic. It definitely is a departure song, presenting a darker tone and mood in relation to the somber and pop-like feel of the other songs. In doing a soft (still dark) intro to the song, it is my goal to help ease the listener into such a transition. I don't care that the heart of the song is darker than the rest because that is what it is and it's meant to stand out in that way. Once the transition is in place, it can come to life like it is meant to while still remaining cohesive amongst the others.

Here is some work that Marcin did on writing such a part that would flow into the song.

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