Friday, March 12, 2010

Sunday Morning Song

And that song is....If Not Now, Then When! Thanks Howie Day for giving me a post title.

Sooo on Sunday we returned to the studio to finish up Aaron's drumming responsibilities on the record. Having nailed Passing Into August two days prior, his musical palate was clean to tackle a little If Not Now, Then When. Now this song has a somewhat shorter appearance by Aaron than that of its predecessor so the task wasn't going to be hard to complete on this sunny Sunday. In fact, after the completion of the song, Aaron, Dave, Melissa and I stepped out onto the deck and cracked open a few beers to enjoy the air, talk about far away lands and celebrate Aaron's completion. If only I got some photos of that...

Alas, check out some shots of Aaron's day in the studio taken by none other than my talented girlfriend Melissa who came along to hang out!

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