Friday, March 26, 2010

The Funky Dunky!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, it has become quite customary for the band to bust into an extended jam or two in between practice runs. Our space in Weston housed a great deal of jams over the year and congregating all into the studio space at Fat Dave's Place was no fact, it was to be expected. I usually try and jump in but most often times I sit in wonder at the guys' talent and I tend to either sit down and soak in the musical rays or pluck away in some modest manner. This particular jam towards the end of the night was by far my favorite as I watched across the way at Marcin's finger work dancing along to Cullen's intricate beats while Chad's funky guitar sounds bounced off the walls and into our tapping feet. The guys weren't aware of me recording and hence the celebration at the end of it when I told them that I captured the whole thing! Unfortunately, since Marcin was plugged in direct you can't hear his parts but you can use your imagination if you watch him play. Like I say in the clip "it was mesmerizing". I also claimed that it was my favorite jam they have ever done and so they named it "The Funky Dunky".

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