Friday, March 26, 2010

Stuck On That Pluck

One of the biggest losses from scrapping Do What You Can off the record, as Marcin had noted, was the way it came in as a plucking arrangement instead of my same 'ol strumming pattern. I agreed with what Marcin had said and so went at trying my hand with plucking the opening verse of If Not Now, Then When to break up the monotony of the opening sections of the other songs. I came up with some good stuff a while back but had to remind myself exactly how it went this last Tuesday before recording on Dave Ireland's (4th borrowed) Taylor guitar. Ultimately, studio Dave decided it'd be best to come in stronger as the ending of the song is reserved for such a treatment. Oh well. (Marcin, my next record is going to be MUCH more this plucking sort of style.)

Thanks to Dave Ireland for lending me this Taylor! Worked out great!

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