Friday, March 26, 2010

The Fantastic Four!! I feel bad for my Breedlove. I still love you, Breedlove.

But these guitars are amazing. Featured below is a showcase of David Ireland's custom made Taylor Acoustics and his 1985 Gibson Les Paul, all of which have found their place in some form or another on What To Keep & Let Go. The Les Paul became the driving force in Circles, and the three others made appearances in Stand, Hello, Amy, Ask You and If Not Now, Then When. Whether it was for an overdubbed guitar part to provide a fuller sound or as the entire acoustic guitar section to provide a different tone than my Breedlove, all four of these guitars served their purpose in their own unique way. I think it's great that these instruments along with so many others have helped make What To Keep & Let Go as richly diverse sounding as possible.

Thanks again Dave for all your support and lending these instruments to the studio!

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