Friday, March 26, 2010

The Sound of Dave Eastman

Dave's meticulous choosing of mics is a trait not to be overlooked as it has provided with some high quality recordings using a variety of different sounding guitars. I often watch as he sets up and wonder what he's accomplishing to himself when he stands and seems to watch the sound waves emanate from the guitar I'm playing. It's as if he's having a conversation with the instrument, stooping his ear close to the sound hole and back again as if to hear what she is telling him, what secrets are to be revealed in her sound.

So when I asked Dave his process, he simply told me that he needs to get close to hear exactly how much bass is coming from it because it will surely influence his decision on what mic he pulls off the shelf. From there, a trial and error process ensues whereby he picks (through a combination of knowledge and experience) the appropriate placement, angles, crossing and type of mic used for the particular sound "whispered" to him. Sometimes after sound tests he comes back in and makes some adjustments, swaps out mics or adds another one at a different spot in the room in order to fill out the sound even more. However, most time Dave seems to know exactly what he's doing. And it shows in the final product. You'll see :)

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