Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cullen's Journey To Circles

Often times, Cullen Corley has to take some extra time as part of his commute to practice in Weston. Whether by T or by Marcin picking him up or a combination of both, a good part of Cullen's practice days are dedicated to finding a way to get there! (which, I admire and am grateful for!)

On this particular journey, February 28th, Cullen took it upon himself to keep a documented account of his travels from Mass Ave to Nash Lane by using what he described was a time-lapse camera to record garden growth. Clever way to capture real life situations as well!

Below is the footage he collected on his travels to practice as well as some of the different angles of us playing in the space. He put the sequence of video shots to the acoustic/bass part of Circles that Marcin and I did before he recorded drums to the song. So if you don't want at least part of this tune to be spoiled for you, watch the video on mute. It really goes well with what Cullen has put together here, tho! Great job bro!

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