Monday, March 29, 2010

"Exploring Tranzzzitions"

hahah I know you're probably confused about this headline but if you had Singing For Dummies and the accompanying audio CD, you'd understand.

So yes, one of the biggest elements of this record has always been my vision for transitioning from one song to the next. By some fluke of design, it turned out that my proposed song order and their respective keys (capo determined) ended up matching dead on in most cases. For example, Bicycle on the Ice fits nicely after City Lights because even though the last chord of CL is different than the beginning chord of BOTC, the transition between the two is flawless due to the capo placement on CL (4th fret) which ended up creating the C#m chord needed to match up with BOTC first chord.

K. that even confused me.

No matter, it was becoming clear to me when we first started putting these songs together that I had accidentally written in certain keys that happened to make for perfect transitions between the songs that I had put in order based on either their relevance to the theme or the intensity of the music. I never knew that such an interesting thing would happen musically in between the songs as well.

So with that, it's important to me that we see this part of the process through. If this doesn't occur in every instance then sobeit. However, I would like to make it appear intentional in the important segments of the album which would make the record seem even that more cohesive not only in theme and story arc but musically as well.

I am confused whether this stage takes place in the recording studio or in the mastering process down the road. Nevertheless, it's something I'm excited to explore.

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