Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Aaron & Cullen & Dave, Oh My!

A different than normal mix of us flooded the studio space on January 8th, ready to start 2010 off with a new song and new ambition to complete the record! Dave and I began the day by adjusting some wood-block sound effects in the bridge of Stand, later realizing that we should see if Aaron Pring was available to start work on his songs. Sure enough, he was able to stop by to talk about Passing Into August and to run it through a few times. Earlier that week, I had mentioned to Cullen that Dave and I were going to be working in the studio that weekend and he said he might stop by, which he did! So on this sunny Saturday afternoon, the four of us crowded together in the recording room amidst amplifiers, pedal boards and sun patches with Aaron's red & black diamond clad bass drum sitting prominently in the middle of the floor, a couple of chairs surrounding it to frame our little jam session. Cullen graciously offered up some percussion advice to Aaron, talking of different time-signatures to play with and tricks to practice on his own, while Dave worked on getting Passing Into August fed through the amp from the console. It was a unique session, jamming for the first time with Dave and Aaron, while Cullen sat among us, taking stange-angled photos and lending a drummer's ear where he could. Jamming in a different space felt fresh and left me excited for the next practice where we three will be working through the newly added song If Not Now, Then When? Once Aaron is ready with these two songs, we'll bring him in to record his drum parts, leaving only Hello, Amy left to begin work on. Wow.

Here are some photos from the session taken by Cullen Corley.

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