Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tess Gallagher

On January 26th, we welcomed Tess Gallagher to the What To Keep & Let Go group of musicians as our upright bass player for Bicycle on the Ice. Back in early 2009, Marcin and I commenced the recording project with this song, playing at the same time and getting the best take out of many. About a year later, Marcin's bass parts are being replaced with Tess' instrument, providing a more haunting flavor to the song. The deep, bellowing sounds are powerful and appropriate for the space we wish to create with Bicycle on the Ice; it is my hopes to make this song actually make you feel that you're out alone on an ever-expansive iced over lake. Tess' bass parts only help to further create this feeling. Marcin will join me back in the studio to re-create his piano parts for the song on a real piano.


  1. (in Stewie's voice) This don't sit right with me Dylan, this don't sit right with me.

  2. aww you said you didn't mind! :( don't be mad buddy