Wednesday, January 6, 2010

If Not Now, Then When?

Funny how this song is a question and it's also put into question as a possible replacement song for Do What You Can. That's right, after having such a solid track listing all year for What To Keep & Let Go, I'm reevaluating the flow and thematic consistency of the record and realizing that Do What You Can simply doesn't fit. It's a great song that has received a lot of attention for those that have heard it but all around it has never seemed to settle into the mix as nicely as the others. It's not a very personal song whereas all the others are written based on my experiences over the last 6 or so years...with love, relationships, loss and life's trials and realizations. Do What You Can would fit very nicely in a record designed to tell stories of the world, people and of things outside myself and who I am. I'm 100% positive I will use this song someday and it will most likely make the cut for The Let Go Tracks record I will put together later this year.

For now, I will work with Dave, Aaron and Marcin on If Not Now, Then When?...a song that was actually on the record before the final track list cuts but was taken off due to it being too somber and not upbeat enough. So it's my goal, given the placement on the record, to revamp this song that has SO much meaning to me and make it a little bit more pop-rock to break up the slowed down feel of the last half of the record. Dave seems to agree that it would be a nice addition to the track list. We'll see how it goes!

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