Friday, January 29, 2010

Studio Through The Eyes of Aaron

Aaron found an Olympus Stylus Epic 35mm camera in the trash this past week, loaded it with some film and came to practice with high hopes that this throw away still worked! Between our run-throughs of Passing Into August and If Not Now Then When, Aaron snapped photos of me and Dave, the console and his drum kit. It was exciting to wonder if the pictures he was taking would come out great- a feeling that is obviously lost these days with the instant gratification we receive with our use of digital cameras.

Today, he posted the pictures that came out and it brought back a somewhat nostalgic feeling of the mystery of photo development, that waiting period between the shutter click and opening up that envelope to see the shots you had taken days before. There seems to be a quality in these pictures that most others we have taken in the studio with a digital camera do not have. It's not that they necessarily look any different (which I guess they kinda do!) but perhaps it's the process and the mystery that makes them that more interesting. Great photos! Thanks Aaron for bringing that feeling back to an otherwise "instant" existence.

Photos by Aaron Pring

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