Friday, January 15, 2010

Swivel Cam!

As you know, I am always trying to find new angles for the practice shots. During our session, I was surveying the room for any nook or cranny that would work to accommodate my little camera so we could get some great shots of all three of us playing. I was warned by Dave that the vibration would knock it off the wall on Saturday so I didn't want to put it back there again. Instead, I attempted to wedge the little guy between strings holding up the sound rafters. This failed. I gave up and sat back down only to realize that the mic stands serve as PERFECT holders or the camera, equipped with up and down motion for high angles and rotation as well! This clip is of the camera in position on the far corner of the room but I realized that the lens wasn't allowing me to get all three of us. So even though this attempt was fun, it was also futile. Oh well! I moved my new holding device out into the hallway instead (see other posts). This video attempt is just too funny to NOT post tho. ahha

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