Friday, January 15, 2010

Getting To Know Our New Friend

If Not Now, Then When is the newbie on the track-list of What To Keep & Let Go, having kicked out Do What You Can for its spot because it simply jives better with the entire record. Sorry DWYC, we'll see you again soon! On January 12th, Dave and I sat down and hashed out the different parts to the song, him learning the bass parts as he will be taking up the instrument for the final recording. Since I capo the song on the fifth fret, we had to work through the notes to figure out what they really are for Dave's parts. Damn me and my capo- always confusing bass players! (Right, Marcin?) haha


  1. DWYC was the only "plucking" song on this album :(

  2. don't be sad. there's plucking in this one too actually! i just haven't played it in the practice sessions