Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Let Go Tracks

I have been searching through my iTunes database for all the songs that I have written over the years and created demos for that never made the cut for the What To Keep & Let Go track list. There are a good 8 or 9 songs that were fully written and arranged that didn't really fit as well as the ones that I chose to be on the record. Such songs like Criticize, If Not Now Then When? and It's Over When You Go were cut from the list for flow purposes and didn't seem to mesh with the overall feel. The subject matter of the songs were similar and so could have worked nicely with the other tracks but it pretty much came down to what songs I liked better.

So I have decided it might be a good idea to honor these tunes in the future by creating a compilation record of all the tracks that never made it onto the What To Keep & Let Go album. I will call it The Let Go Tracks and most likely they will be presented to you in rough, acoustic demo forms. There's a good chance I will re-record them all so they sound a little more polished but I can't imagine getting these songs up to the same quality and performance level as the ones on the record. I'm not really sure as of now how many songs there will be but I think it'd be a nice little project to work on right after What To Keep & Let Go is completed and release it sometime toward the end of the year....stocking stuffers anyone???

First things first: What To Keep & Let Go completion!

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