Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fumbling In Circles..

On the 25th of January, I went into the studio to kick off the first of two sessions this week with Dave to catch up a bit on some time we have lost. The goal was to possibly record my electric part for Circles before Aaron came in for our practice session but due to my tardiness, we were only able to get through a quick practice run using Dave's Gibson plugged into a small amp near the console. Dave has heard what I have in mind for the electric guitar part for this tune through the demo I sent him but this was the first time I ran through the song in person for him. It's probably a good thing we didn't get to recording the part as you can see I'm a little rusty on what I wrote for the song. Dave is happy with what I wrote, however, and once I polish it up a bit we'll be ready to record!

Even though I mess up very frequently and the guitar is out of tune, I consider this a spoiler for the direction of the song. Watch only if you don't care about ruining any surprises!

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